Hi, I'm Maggie.

And I've got a way with words.


I am a freelance writer based in Melbourne, Australia.

I wear many hats - journalist, content strategist, futurist, alarmist, escapist...

In the golden age of content, everyone deserves the right to have their brand, publication, personality, or corporation represented in the best possible light. Whether it's a blog or an article, a speech or a poem, a website or a campaign slogan - I am here to help. 

Our world is congested with words: every single day, we scroll through reams of information online. World news. Baby news. Celebrity news. Real news, fake news. So how can you stand out?

All too often we overlook the importance of well-written communication. Value lies in clean, sharp simplicity with well-practiced flair; and that is what I always deliver.


“One day I will find the right words, and they will be simple.” 
― Jack Kerouac 







A tried-and-true copywriter, I work regularly on branded content for websites, campaigns, advertorial copy, EDMs, social media, and, if you're lucky, birthday cards. Whether it is project based or a recurring requirement, I also work extensively in content strategy and implementation.



From large clients such as Suncorp, to smaller non-for-profits; I regularly lead creative and strategic workshops for a variety of industries and purposes. Confident and always armed with plenty of butcher's paper, I believe in a relaxed and fun environment to squeeze the finest creative juice possible.




My first true love, I crave nothing more than a wild creative assignment. In my work as a journalist and copywriter, I am lucky enough to regularly sharpen my creative claws in long and short form feature writing. By trade I am a fiction writer, and am often employed to use that as a tool to communicate high-level strategy and/or concepts.



Having first tasted futurism in my anthropology studies at university, I have always maintained a connection with this corner of academia. In recent years, my love for futurism has sprung from textbook to reality as I've started leading strategic risk work with a variety of corporate clients, as well as editorial writing on futurist topics with several publications.